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Response from Vodafone

Author: Sofia
05 26th, 2009

In my previous blog post I describe my v bad initial experience with Vodafone and my love for the G2 (HTC Magic). Well, Tom from Vodafone’s Web Relations Team reached out and posted this comment:

Hi Sofia,

I’m sorry to see the start of your experience with Vodafone and the Magic hasn’t been the best, but I’m here to fix that! I work for the Vodafone Web Relations Team and we’ll be happy to sort this for you.

OK, so your account issues with commitment length and insurance sound fixed, but I’d love to double check just to make sure. You’ve got my email address so just pop your mobile number and a link to this blog over to me, and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible to double check those things and make sure they’re right.

Moving onto your three questions towards the end of your blog, firstly, your Unlimited Mobile Internet bundle has a fair usage policy of 500MB, but if you go over that mark you won’t be charged, not unless you frequently exceed it. As per the terms and conditions in that case, we’d ask you to moderate your usage or remove the service rather than suddenly charging you.
Better still though, if you’re connected to a WiFi access point then your Magic will automatically prioritise that connection, meaning you won’t be using any data through us.

As for your second question, go to menu > more > select text – Then drag your finger across the text you want to copy. It’s then automatically copied to the clipboard.

Last one, it’s not a standard function of the handset, but just look for an app called “Tone Picker” and hey presto, as if by Magic (sorry) you’ll be able to choose your own tones 😀

Best Wishes


Web Relations Team

Vodafone UK

The comment about fair usages is interesting and very good to know. It is a bit of shame that this is not being mentioned by anyone else (like store staff or on phone with Customer Service). I have this feeling that Vodafone has not properly co-ordinated this release of the G2 and most staff does not seem to understand that the G2 is a internet devise that happens to do calls as well.

I emailed back with my details and what my plan was when I signed up. The day after I received from Tom’s colleague Mat where he confirms that I am on right plan, insurance was off and he expresses his disappointment that this was my start with Vodafone.

I appreciate this response very much. It was quick, to the point and confirmed that things were sorted. It does not take away that my buzz was killed but this certainly softened the impact. The Vodafone Web Relation team did their job perfect and this is how the response should be. Things goes wrong but it how a person or a company response to it that is crucial.

I have one wish – more will probably come later one – that Vodafone should have a system where the customers can set up alerts. I would love to receive a txt when I am approaching my upper limit for data usages. Me personally, I am not so worried about the 600 minutes, unlimited txt bit – I am data girl instead.

If you want to get hold of Tom or Mat you can reach them on or on Twitter

05 17th, 2009

There are two sections, Vodafone and the phone itself.

Vodafone killed my buzz 🙁 I got my phone on Thursday but I could not fully use it as my number didn’t get transferred until Friday. When I spoke to Vf’s customer service on Thursday, I asked is there anything I have to do tomorrow and the reply was no. On Friday I was rather busy and I kept checking my phone but it only said “No Service”. At the end of the day, I had the time to call them and I was told to remove the battery & SIM card and put it back it. I could not help think that this is a bit of 80s advise to give but after that I was connected to Vodafone’s network.

Then there is the matter of correcting the error the Vodafone’s sales guy did. He put me on a 24 month plan when I wanted the 18 month plan. He had said that he would put a note on my account and I should talk to Vf customer service once the phone was activated. The person I spoke with on Thursday said this automatically correct itself once the phone was activated. Not believing a word of this, I double checked on Friday and after speaking to 3 different people before this was corrected. I hope as I was told my first bill will arrive after 5-6 weeks. This sales guy also pushed for an insurance that is free for the first month and after that it is £6.99/month and with a £25 excess limit. I am not at all interested in this which I said. He said that I could call back within 14 days and have it removed, which I will. However considering that actual bill wont arrive after 5-6 weeks I think this is a rather dirty move by Vodafone.

Today, I made a quick call to Vodafone, there are still problems with my plan. Unlimited data has not been attached to the my account. Vodafone really SUCKS! They are completely incompetent to understand this phone, the plan and how it should work together.

G2 is bundle of joy 🙂 I am so pleased with the phone. It has been easy to navigate around the different menus and settings. I should put in a small disclaimer that I have little patience when things don’t work as they should and the whole ‘working around’ the problem is not always the best way.

The screen resolution is great and the touch screen is responsive. Now that I have used the G2 and I’d to have another go on the iphone – compare them. It is slightly ironic the G2 only comes in white too.

It is possible two set up two different email accounts on the phone which one does not necessary have to a gmail account. A good feature and a step closer to the Blackberry model.

G2 HTC Magic

In Settings, I think there is enough flexibility to set things up as I like it. I like to have vibration on while I type. There are choices to have alerts to have sound when you are getting new notifications. The notification tab is great too, and easy accessible. It is only to pull it down from the top line where the clock etc is to see what the latest notification.

G2 HTC MagicG2 HTC Magic

Market where all the apps are also very easy to navigate and download. I started with getting these apps, Barcode scanner, Twidroid, Skype – straightforward. Twitroid is great especially since on Twitter’s mobile site there are no functions to quickly reply & DM peeps.
Another app that I love is Wikitude AR Travel guide. It will take your GPS location (or any location your choose to type in) and tell you what stores, pubs & restaurant is around you. It will tell you how far way from where you are. I remember telling Mircosoft developer at the launch party of their Virtual earth that they should build a version that takes your mobile phone location and let you search what around you. My comment did not have any merit when him – ah well as this industry work, if you don’t do it someone else will – and probably better too.

G2 HTC MagicG2 HTC Magic

Google Maps & GPS was my No 1 on my wishlist and that works super smooth which is much appreciated it. Me and direction does not always work that well together but with this, problem solved!

I even made a call on the #G2 and the sounds was crisp & clear.

So far, the battery seems to last about 1,5-2 days.

There are a few things that is hovering around ‘only’ good mark. One is of course that the ringtones are pretty bland however I believe this is done on purpose so we all should buy the better ones. Another thing is a design error of the keyboard layout, the delete button is just above the enter button. Ahem, this is going to lead to some unfinished tweets & SMS. It is the same design on G1 too.

I still have a few things I am need to work out how it works;

* With Vodafone unlimited dataplan, which has a fair usage on 500meg/month, I’d like to make sure that data firstly goes via the wifi and then through Vf network.
* Not quite worked out how to copy text in the browser and then paste it somewhere else.
* To set my own ringtone with a fie that I transferred over

So far my data usage is 544.17kb (yesterday pm reading) – and was told by Vf that the charge was 42 pence. I didn’t not have any unlimited data plan attached to my account. I should not have to deal with this! To be continue 🙁

Update: Vodafone response.

05 14th, 2009

Why Part 1? Well I am not that big of tease – it is because my G2 has not been activated, my number gets transferred tomorrow and then I can fully use the G2. That was such a disappointment not to be able to try it all out! I was very happy & hyped until that moment. This is how far as I got – for all the photos, check out my Flickr account.

Box arrives – and there IT is !! 🙂

 G2 UnboxingG2 Unboxing

Speedily putting in the SIM card and battery and start charging:

G2 UnboxingG2 Unboxing

Hello there Vodafone & Android – please to see you

G2 UnboxingG2 UnboxingG2 Unboxing

The screen is crisp & clear and I am starting to follow the instructions

G2 UnboxingG2 Unboxing

Easy to type, got my name right first time around. This was my main worry with not a qwerty-keyboard

G2 UnboxingG2 Unboxing

Time to login to my gmail account but since my Vodafone account is not active until tomorrow this failed 🙁

G2 UnboxingG2 Unboxing

Google wants to have all my location data? UNTICKED! Loves how the 24 hour format is pre-ticked – I am a huge fan of the metric system and are hoping for a world domination for it.

G2 UnboxingG2 Unboxing

Main menu and Apps menu:

G2 UnboxingG2 Unboxing

05 8th, 2009

Gadgets are fun and I am not sure one can have too many – well I am far away from my limit anyways.

Currently, Chumby is my favourite and I set mine up yesterday. It is real easy to use, my slight problem that I had lost the login info for the the website so I had to re-activate it again.

In short, Chumby connected with via wifi and has a touch screen, 2 speakers, 2 USB plugs and plays all sort of different widgets. It is built on open source software and hardware.

Chumby's Control panelBack of Chumby

For me, it is mainly an entertaining gadget that I have in the kitchen. Snapshorts of all sort of different info that I can customise myself. It is possible to change for how long each widget is displayed. This is done via my account on their website.  At the moment there are 1,165 different widgets to choose from. But it comes very useful when I need to check what the weather will be like before leaving the flat.

My Chumby widgetsF1 Chumby widget

It is now possible to check my twitter and tweet via the Chumby too. Always a good thing to be accessible to twitter for any company & product out there

Twitter Chumby widgetTwitter Chumby widget

And I just remembered I should add this too. If you are adding your Picasa pics to the Chumby and take the ‘Link to this album’ then double check that you have got in that link and not as that will not work on the Chumby widget.

And again here is a great clip with Dave Mathews talking about the Chumby at the 2009 CES.

04 26th, 2009

I need to make up my mind on what phone to get. This is my wish list (more or less in priority)

1. GPS with Google Maps
2. QWERTY keyboard – I don’t particular want ‘get use’ to screen keyboards.
3. Unlimited data plan and not too expensive plan.
4. Do my emails, Twitter, IMs from the phone
5. Good camera that does video too
6. I need be happy with it for the next 18 months.

I don’t want an iPhone. Even though it is a groundbreaking product but I am not interested in having one – mainly due to point 2 and that I am not an Apple fan. I had my eyes on the G2 however after finding out it does not have a QWERTY keyboard, back to square 1 again. Someone at GeeknRolla mentioned that the Nokia’s N97 might be released soon and that looks like a sweet phone. Question is when it is due & how much will the plan be?

Point 3 rules out a Blackberry since they have rather expensive plans unless there is a good deal out there.

I have tried the G1 and I liked it but in general I hold some reservation of the first generation of any product.

While writing this, I am missing the reason why companies will not publish the release date of their products. Their reason is … …? It can’t be that customer should do an informed decision.

And in the mean time until I make up my mind, I am missing not having a smart phone

Barclay credit card company impressed me today.

I am actually quite new customer with Barclay as I ended up with them via my old Morgan Stanley card. Barclay took over Goldfish who took over Morgan Stanley credit cards. I am a firm believer in having credit card that gives me cash back. Amex Blue is another card that I have used since 2001.

Today has been an admin day where I changed over my credit card details with Superline and also signed up for Bethere as BT finally has sorted out my phone line.

Only a few hours later I got this automated call from Barclay asking me to confirm 3 outstanding transactions but before I could hear I had verify some personal information. The voice listed 3 charges and one was something that I didn’t expected so when the option to talk to someone in Fraud dept came up I choose that.

I had to answer a few security questions and after that we could discuss the charges. Superline had put through a charge of £10 and that is unexpected to me as they deduct the money after the invoice has been raised. This is the first in many years that I have had any payment issue with them and I have already sent them an email asking for my money back.

Update: Superline wrote back and said “The only way for us to validate that a payment card is valid is to apply a ‘test’ transaction to that account.To achieve this, we apply what is known as a ‘Pre-Authorisation’ charge of £10.00 against the account. This is not an actual charge against the account and unless that transaction were confirmed by us, no money will ever leave your account.” All good!

Barclay’s Fraud dept said that there is a lot of online fraud going on now and that is why they put a block on my card. It is so important to regular check you debit + credit card statements. My set-up is the the following and this something that works very well for me and perhaps you help you too.

I have online statements rather then paper statements for several reasons;

1. When you are opening your mail coming home from work or the pub you are most likely not be in the right frame of mind to review it properly. You are hungry, want to hang out with your friends or your significant other. You are mostly likely to put that statement away and only pick it up when it is time to pay the bill.

2. When you review your online statement it is because you decided to do so and is more likely to pick up any odd charges. If you think ‘ah I will never get around doing that’, set a reminder in your online calender to email you. Every second Sunday for a 30 minute slot and then hit re-occurring.

3. You can also check your recent transactions rather then to wait for the statement to be issued. That keeps a good tab of your current spending.

4. Storage. The company stores it for you and you do not have in the draw. It is too much in there already, isn’t it? And how often do you really go back and check that draw?

5. It saves the credit card company money and in a perfect world, maybe some of that savings get passed on to you. Just maybe.

Since there is a high volume of online fraud going on at the moment – please check your accounts to make sure it is only your charges going through.

We all have our favorite places that is such a treat to go to.

For the last week, I had family visiting and helping me with some ‘after the move’ things that always occur. It was a great help and I am so appreciative that they came and visited. I needed help with carrying up my 4 moving boxes that arrived from San Francisco – a total of 150 kg. They got a dose of real London life, like with my struggles with BT and understood my frustrations when my order got canceled for the 3rd time. I took them walking around the neighborhood for them to see how quickly a place go from good to bad and back to good again. I also took them to Asda – they had a car and I need to stock up on bulky & heavy items.

Naturally I have showed some of my gems when it comes to good food. In fact I had taken them there a few years back and one of the first things they said when they arrived: We must make a reservation at that great steak place we went to last time.

The place we went to was Buen Ayre in Broadway Market, Hackney.

Buen Ayre is the best place to find a great steak in London that I am aware of. It is a slightly pricey place but this time I ordered a 8oz sirloin steak for £11.50 which is reasonable. The quality of the meat is superb and I was so full afterwards. This place is always full so call ahead to make a reservation. The restaurant is fairly small and has a relaxed atmosphere. I also wrote a Yelp review.

@65hefalumps asked for the details and I felt a tweet would not do this place justice hence the blog post. Since I am back in London and have been gone for a few years, if you have any recommenations please send them my way!

03 3rd, 2009

I landed in London end of last week and it took some days before I could get some internet juice.

I tried the FON network but that was very flaky. And for some reason no coverage in the mornings. I don’t recommend it. They were happy to charge £15 for 5 day passes but there is no guarantees that you will get internet access all day.

My dear neighbor K kindly let me use her wifi until I get things sorted with BT and Bethere.

Sadly I missed the part where the experts were on the stand on The Pirate Bay #spectrial. After listening to today’s feed, I definitely want to catch up with what Professor Wallis testimony.

Today was the defense turn to making the closing arguments. I tweeted:

the difference between the defense team vs plaintiff team is huge! defense is tight, legal relevant, case law and source material #spectrial

The defense team were focused, referred to the law and even handed out source material for the Court’s reference. The lawyer who was the best in a certain area spoke for all 4. The plaintiff’s lawyers were all over the place. The one who mostly got a free ride was Monique Wadsted – in my view all she added was confusion and fried sparrows analogizes.

Yesterday she said an statement that I offended me greatly. In her closing statement she showed her irritation that The Pirate Bay had continued their service despite she and her clients had filed a report at the police. She also she pointed out that there were Court cases in other countries had been against bit torrent sites.

She implied that just because of these two actions The Pirate Bay should have stopped and how dared they defy this?
Never mind that they have not been found guilty of anything in a Swedish Court yet. The best reason I can come up with is that she is saying this because she got paid to do so. Even so, it is an awful statement and those kind of practices does not belong in a democracy.

Only Lundstrom’s lawyer broke rank and pointed the finger at Gottfrid Svartholm Varg as he (allegedly) is one responsible for The Pirate Bay site if one had to be found. It is an conflict when you have more then person as defended in trial. Each lawyer needs to look after his client. In this case, I strongly believe that if they stand *united* the stronger they are. I have mentioned this before, this is a marathon and nothing is going to get won or lost at the first trial. This is where the parties put their cards on the table.

Set the date 17 April 09 at 11am, the Court will publish their judgment.

02 20th, 2009

Update: It is now 82 countries. w00t!!
Map Overlay 22 Feb 09

This trial has a worldwide interest and is an issue for many. For the last couple of days, visitors from 79 different countries came to my blog.

Thank you all for coming by!

Ok so the editing for this pictures is not the prettiest, but I have been up all night and it is 6am for me. Plus I have had to listen to that boring Prosecutor 😉 Please forgive me.


02 18th, 2009