About Sofia

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29 Nov, 2008

My internet experience is that I have one foot with the mainstream user and the other in geekworld that keeps moving the internet boundaries forward. I can see and understand both points of view and hopefully be the bridge in between.  My first steps on the internet was is the mid-90s and I have been on there ever since.

I am interested in tech, start-ups and have a ongoing thing for gadgets

I have also more then 10 years experience of working within Finance and Accountancy field. It comes naturally to me to keep track of money. I like to bring order where it is disorderly and I have helped both companies and people to improve their finances. It is a given that I will keep any financial information confidential which is a must when working with other entities finances.

I speak both English and Swedish.

Please feel to contact me on my email which is: blog {at} sofiak {dot} com