Get a great steak at Buen Ayre in Hackney, London

We all have our favorite places that is such a treat to go to.

For the last week, I had family visiting and helping me with some ‘after the move’ things that always occur. It was a great help and I am so appreciative that they came and visited. I needed help with carrying up my 4 moving boxes that arrived from San Francisco – a total of 150 kg. They got a dose of real London life, like with my struggles with BT and understood my frustrations when my order got canceled for the 3rd time. I took them walking around the neighborhood for them to see how quickly a place go from good to bad and back to good again. I also took them to Asda – they had a car and I need to stock up on bulky & heavy items.

Naturally I have showed some of my gems when it comes to good food. In fact I had taken them there a few years back and one of the first things they said when they arrived: We must make a reservation at that great steak place we went to last time.

The place we went to was Buen Ayre in Broadway Market, Hackney.

Buen Ayre is the best place to find a great steak in London that I am aware of. It is a slightly pricey place but this time I ordered a 8oz sirloin steak for £11.50 which is reasonable. The quality of the meat is superb and I was so full afterwards. This place is always full so call ahead to make a reservation. The restaurant is fairly small and has a relaxed atmosphere. I also wrote a Yelp review.

@65hefalumps asked for the details and I felt a tweet would not do this place justice hence the blog post. Since I am back in London and have been gone for a few years, if you have any recommenations please send them my way!

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