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05 14th, 2009

Why Part 1? Well I am not that big of tease – it is because my G2 has not been activated, my number gets transferred tomorrow and then I can fully use the G2. That was such a disappointment not to be able to try it all out! I was very happy & hyped until that moment. This is how far as I got – for all the photos, check out my Flickr account.

Box arrives – and there IT is !! 🙂

 G2 UnboxingG2 Unboxing

Speedily putting in the SIM card and battery and start charging:

G2 UnboxingG2 Unboxing

Hello there Vodafone & Android – please to see you

G2 UnboxingG2 UnboxingG2 Unboxing

The screen is crisp & clear and I am starting to follow the instructions

G2 UnboxingG2 Unboxing

Easy to type, got my name right first time around. This was my main worry with not a qwerty-keyboard

G2 UnboxingG2 Unboxing

Time to login to my gmail account but since my Vodafone account is not active until tomorrow this failed 🙁

G2 UnboxingG2 Unboxing

Google wants to have all my location data? UNTICKED! Loves how the 24 hour format is pre-ticked – I am a huge fan of the metric system and are hoping for a world domination for it.

G2 UnboxingG2 Unboxing

Main menu and Apps menu:

G2 UnboxingG2 Unboxing

05 8th, 2009

Gadgets are fun and I am not sure one can have too many – well I am far away from my limit anyways.

Currently, Chumby is my favourite and I set mine up yesterday. It is real easy to use, my slight problem that I had lost the login info for the the website so I had to re-activate it again.

In short, Chumby connected with via wifi and has a touch screen, 2 speakers, 2 USB plugs and plays all sort of different widgets. It is built on open source software and hardware.

Chumby's Control panelBack of Chumby

For me, it is mainly an entertaining gadget that I have in the kitchen. Snapshorts of all sort of different info that I can customise myself. It is possible to change for how long each widget is displayed. This is done via my account on their website.  At the moment there are 1,165 different widgets to choose from. But it comes very useful when I need to check what the weather will be like before leaving the flat.

My Chumby widgetsF1 Chumby widget

It is now possible to check my twitter and tweet via the Chumby too. Always a good thing to be accessible to twitter for any company & product out there

Twitter Chumby widgetTwitter Chumby widget

And I just remembered I should add this too. If you are adding your Picasa pics to the Chumby and take the ‘Link to this album’ then double check that you have got in that link and not as that will not work on the Chumby widget.

And again here is a great clip with Dave Mathews talking about the Chumby at the 2009 CES.

04 1st, 2009

Chinwag arranged an interesting event called Freeconomics with the following tagline: ‘Free’ rules supreme in the online world, but is Free sustainable?

This was an interesting event and the panel was very good – more of their points and comment later in the post.

My takes is that we, the users, are going to have to start paying for the services that we use sooner or later. The two main questions facing these services are;
1. When should we start charging the users?
2. How much should we charge?

This is not easy to give general answers. But there are few things that businesses should do and consider. First is to keep the user informed when major changes are coming and not surprise the futures customers – never a good start. Another important thing is to do a business case why your user should pay for your service. What will they get for the money? What are future features are the site thinking to implement? And where do you think your business are heading in general? By charging the users, your site need to become more professional and are you ready for that?

The panel at the Freeconomics event was really good and represented different points of views.
* Nic Brisbourne – Partner, DFJ Esprit
* Azeem Azhar – Managing Partner, Open Capital Partners
* Victor Keegan – Technology Columnist, Guardian
* Charlie Blake Thomas – Commercial Director, Huddle
* Alan Patrick – Consultant, Broadsight

Here are some of the highlights but this does not represent all that was said.

Internet lowers the distribution costs and also competition costs. It also has low entry cost barriers. However there are still costs (for instance employment, rent, utilities, hardware, internet connections) involved with a internet business as there are with a non-internet business. The non-internet business can charge its customers and cover these costs and make a profit. These costs for an internet business are paid for somewhere else be it VCs, equity funding or 2nd jobs.

The user should bare in mind that even if the service is free, that does not mean it is free to operate.

One question raised from the panel was, does it make sense that gmail, hotmail to be free? The guy from YouTube (sorry I did not catch his name) pointed out that gmail is making a profit.

Email creates huge value for all its users and it is is free. Would you pay for your email? Well, I am glad to be gmail user! I want to be with an email service provider that is going to be there for the long term. With all the personal information and history stored on the email, it is a major commitment for me to put so much information in one place.

Google search engine (indexing) is not allowed to access the Guardian or New York Times backlog of published articles and hence they are loosing out in getting higher traffic volumes.

While writing this, I am wondering why can’t the online newspapers reach a similar agreement that Google has with Firefox re search?

YouTube takes approximately 10% of internet bandwidths and that is expensive. User experience goes before anything else within Google. The difficult ahead is to serve the right ads to the right users – but they are close to achieving it.

I would probably be more inclined to click on ads if there was a better targeting. But as it is today, I rarely-to-never click on ads.

The problem with free service is that the users do not understand the value points. are so successful because they understand what their users will pay for.

This is one of the most interesting points that was brought up during this event by Charles Blake Thomas. However, I do think it needs to be joint responsibility from both the business and its user to understand the value points are not and not be one-sided. For the business to know where it creates value, is to know its users very well. This is a crucial point that applies to any business. But for an non-internet business it is easier to pin-point as a value transaction takes place and also being able to analysis the competition value transactions. It is more difficult for an internet business that is operating in a free-economy to get an understanding of the value it creates and to analysis its competitors. However the advantage is if you are doing business on the internet you are much closer to reach your users as it is ‘only’ an email / blog post/ tweet away from getting in touch with them and start the ever-so-important conversation with your users.

There was no micropayment system when the internet business got going and this is how the free-economy developed so strongly. But to say that today’s generation will not pay for anything is completely wrong as they are happy to pay £3.50 for a ringtone. The mobile phone is now becoming a tool for micro payments. With The Kindle, iPhone and Android and coming Nokia devices, a new micropayment system could arise from that.

For a payment system to work there has to be trust between all the different parties. This is one of the problem in today’s financial crises as the banks do not trust each other nor their customers. I am not sure that I would trust my mobile phone operator to run my micropayment system and also that relationship is of a more short term nature then for instance my email service provider. I would rather have Google run the micropayment system since they already have a trusted system with the ads sell. However if they were to go down the route of Paypal with too many & high charges then no.

Free attracts Freeloaders. For instance, who has not tried the interest free credit card deal? And how many today have a interest free credit card? Freeconomics carries its own death warrant as it destroys its value base.

Time will tell. I think there will be a symbiosis with a free and payment model. This route forwards makes more sense to me. This is still a very young business model and environment but the foundation has been laid. Expectations have been set. Innovation on the internet is progressing in fast pace and it is too much to ask for payment models to be implemented before the user knows what the service will be and what the value of it is. The new business has to prove itself before start charging for the services it provides.

Barclay credit card company impressed me today.

I am actually quite new customer with Barclay as I ended up with them via my old Morgan Stanley card. Barclay took over Goldfish who took over Morgan Stanley credit cards. I am a firm believer in having credit card that gives me cash back. Amex Blue is another card that I have used since 2001.

Today has been an admin day where I changed over my credit card details with Superline and also signed up for Bethere as BT finally has sorted out my phone line.

Only a few hours later I got this automated call from Barclay asking me to confirm 3 outstanding transactions but before I could hear I had verify some personal information. The voice listed 3 charges and one was something that I didn’t expected so when the option to talk to someone in Fraud dept came up I choose that.

I had to answer a few security questions and after that we could discuss the charges. Superline had put through a charge of £10 and that is unexpected to me as they deduct the money after the invoice has been raised. This is the first in many years that I have had any payment issue with them and I have already sent them an email asking for my money back.

Update: Superline wrote back and said “The only way for us to validate that a payment card is valid is to apply a ‘test’ transaction to that account.To achieve this, we apply what is known as a ‘Pre-Authorisation’ charge of £10.00 against the account. This is not an actual charge against the account and unless that transaction were confirmed by us, no money will ever leave your account.” All good!

Barclay’s Fraud dept said that there is a lot of online fraud going on now and that is why they put a block on my card. It is so important to regular check you debit + credit card statements. My set-up is the the following and this something that works very well for me and perhaps you help you too.

I have online statements rather then paper statements for several reasons;

1. When you are opening your mail coming home from work or the pub you are most likely not be in the right frame of mind to review it properly. You are hungry, want to hang out with your friends or your significant other. You are mostly likely to put that statement away and only pick it up when it is time to pay the bill.

2. When you review your online statement it is because you decided to do so and is more likely to pick up any odd charges. If you think ‘ah I will never get around doing that’, set a reminder in your online calender to email you. Every second Sunday for a 30 minute slot and then hit re-occurring.

3. You can also check your recent transactions rather then to wait for the statement to be issued. That keeps a good tab of your current spending.

4. Storage. The company stores it for you and you do not have in the draw. It is too much in there already, isn’t it? And how often do you really go back and check that draw?

5. It saves the credit card company money and in a perfect world, maybe some of that savings get passed on to you. Just maybe.

Since there is a high volume of online fraud going on at the moment – please check your accounts to make sure it is only your charges going through.

We all have our favorite places that is such a treat to go to.

For the last week, I had family visiting and helping me with some ‘after the move’ things that always occur. It was a great help and I am so appreciative that they came and visited. I needed help with carrying up my 4 moving boxes that arrived from San Francisco – a total of 150 kg. They got a dose of real London life, like with my struggles with BT and understood my frustrations when my order got canceled for the 3rd time. I took them walking around the neighborhood for them to see how quickly a place go from good to bad and back to good again. I also took them to Asda – they had a car and I need to stock up on bulky & heavy items.

Naturally I have showed some of my gems when it comes to good food. In fact I had taken them there a few years back and one of the first things they said when they arrived: We must make a reservation at that great steak place we went to last time.

The place we went to was Buen Ayre in Broadway Market, Hackney.

Buen Ayre is the best place to find a great steak in London that I am aware of. It is a slightly pricey place but this time I ordered a 8oz sirloin steak for £11.50 which is reasonable. The quality of the meat is superb and I was so full afterwards. This place is always full so call ahead to make a reservation. The restaurant is fairly small and has a relaxed atmosphere. I also wrote a Yelp review.

@65hefalumps asked for the details and I felt a tweet would not do this place justice hence the blog post. Since I am back in London and have been gone for a few years, if you have any recommenations please send them my way!

Update: previous post

Author: Sofia
02 12th, 2009

Firstly, Twitter rules! And here is a great example!

In my frustration of WP and Live Writer not working well together, I tweeted the following:

[Sofia] is not happy with WordPress 2.7.1 and/or Live Writer & ScribeFire cos they are not working a 100% together 🙁

A short while later, Brandon Turner replied back to me:

@Sofia I’m a developer on Windows Live Writer, whats the problem?

I tweeted a link to my previous post and Brandon came back with the following answers:

@Sofia First thing first, you have to upgrade xmllib2 on your server. that is what is causing the < > stripping.

@Sofia Now for the template problem… try doing View > Uncheck ‘Enable editing using themes’, does editing in that mode work for you?

I am so grateful & appreciative that Brandon helped me with this!!

Re the update for the server, I have to check with the guy who hosts my website to see if he is ok with the upgrade or not since it is his server. But thanks to Brandon, I now know what the solution to the problem is.

I have unchecked the theme and I can write my blog posts. It is a bit bare:

Live Writer Unthemed

and I hope there is a future fix so I can have the theme as the background when I am writing my posts.

This is happy ending to a problem that was outside my knowledge range.

You live and you learn and thanks to Twitter it is easier to learn new things.