Peeps from 79 countries visited!

Update: It is now 82 countries. w00t!!
Map Overlay 22 Feb 09

This trial has a worldwide interest and is an issue for many. For the last couple of days, visitors from 79 different countries came to my blog.

Thank you all for coming by!

Ok so the editing for this pictures is not the prettiest, but I have been up all night and it is 6am for me. Plus I have had to listen to that boring Prosecutor 😉 Please forgive me.


11 Responses to “Peeps from 79 countries visited!”

  1. phpenguin Says:

    those 59 visits from Belgium are probably all me :p

  2. Sofia Says:

    phpenguin – LOL! I am glad you made a 60th visit 😉

  3. CWagner Says:

    Damn, should’ve visted more often. Now Germany is only on the 5th place;)

  4. Ludwig Krippahl Says:

    I logged quite a few of the 52 from Portugal 🙂

    (despite my name, I’m portuguese)

    Thanks, Sofia, for your effort. I hope you can sleep all weekend now 🙂

  5. WilliamJansen Says:

    …and I account for a handful of the Danish vists. I just want to tell you, that I really appreciate your efforts.

    B.t.w. did you swipe ‘peeps’ from Christian Cage, or is that actually a common expression in the U.S.?

  6. xvo0rt Says:

    Thanx for the translation. You’re making a great job.

  7. TheSumerian Says:

    Norway, here.
    Many visitors are probably concerned about the court ruling having negative impact on their use of the internet.

    Personally, I’m hoping a positive ruling will spread into our legal works as a precedent.

    I’m confident there is broad agreement that none of us would benefit from a wide European Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

    Keep up the good work, informing the anglos of the proceedings.

  8. Paolo Says:

    Hi! I read that next week you won’t be able to help, because you move to London. 2000 persons, including me, will miss you, your comments and your precious insights very much.

    We all hope that you’ll be back on the Internet very soon.

    Special greetings from Italy, great Sofia.


  9. Sofia Says:

    Heh all of you are of course more then welcome to visit more 😉

    Ludwig – eee the normal sleeping pattern over the weekend has been a bit so and so but it is ok.

    William – I picked up ‘peep’ from Twitter and I think it is quite common here in California. I really like the word so I am using it a lot.

    xvo0rt – Thanks 🙂

    TheSumerian – Yes I think TPB are on the right side. If MPAA & Co were in the right, then they would not have to spend all this money to prove their point. they are forced to all of this because they are in the wrong.

    Paolo – Thanks! I hope to be back soon to. I just don’t like making promises that I am not sure that I can keep.

  10. Paolo Says:

    Welcome back! What can I say, flaky access is better than no access. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!


  11. Sofia Says:

    andre – thanks & welcome 🙂 The blog suffered a bit when I moved put I am going to pick it up again