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In my previous blog post I describe my v bad initial experience with Vodafone and my love for the G2 (HTC Magic). Well, Tom from Vodafone’s Web Relations Team reached out and posted this comment:

Hi Sofia,

I’m sorry to see the start of your experience with Vodafone and the Magic hasn’t been the best, but I’m here to fix that! I work for the Vodafone Web Relations Team and we’ll be happy to sort this for you.

OK, so your account issues with commitment length and insurance sound fixed, but I’d love to double check just to make sure. You’ve got my email address so just pop your mobile number and a link to this blog over to me, and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible to double check those things and make sure they’re right.

Moving onto your three questions towards the end of your blog, firstly, your Unlimited Mobile Internet bundle has a fair usage policy of 500MB, but if you go over that mark you won’t be charged, not unless you frequently exceed it. As per the terms and conditions in that case, we’d ask you to moderate your usage or remove the service rather than suddenly charging you.
Better still though, if you’re connected to a WiFi access point then your Magic will automatically prioritise that connection, meaning you won’t be using any data through us.

As for your second question, go to menu > more > select text – Then drag your finger across the text you want to copy. It’s then automatically copied to the clipboard.

Last one, it’s not a standard function of the handset, but just look for an app called “Tone Picker” and hey presto, as if by Magic (sorry) you’ll be able to choose your own tones 😀

Best Wishes


Web Relations Team

Vodafone UK

The comment about fair usages is interesting and very good to know. It is a bit of shame that this is not being mentioned by anyone else (like store staff or on phone with Customer Service). I have this feeling that Vodafone has not properly co-ordinated this release of the G2 and most staff does not seem to understand that the G2 is a internet devise that happens to do calls as well.

I emailed back with my details and what my plan was when I signed up. The day after I received from Tom’s colleague Mat where he confirms that I am on right plan, insurance was off and he expresses his disappointment that this was my start with Vodafone.

I appreciate this response very much. It was quick, to the point and confirmed that things were sorted. It does not take away that my buzz was killed but this certainly softened the impact. The Vodafone Web Relation team did their job perfect and this is how the response should be. Things goes wrong but it how a person or a company response to it that is crucial.

I have one wish – more will probably come later one – that Vodafone should have a system where the customers can set up alerts. I would love to receive a txt when I am approaching my upper limit for data usages. Me personally, I am not so worried about the 600 minutes, unlimited txt bit – I am data girl instead.

If you want to get hold of Tom or Mat you can reach them on or on Twitter

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