Gadget agoney: what smart phone to get

I need to make up my mind on what phone to get. This is my wish list (more or less in priority)

1. GPS with Google Maps
2. QWERTY keyboard – I don’t particular want ‘get use’ to screen keyboards.
3. Unlimited data plan and not too expensive plan.
4. Do my emails, Twitter, IMs from the phone
5. Good camera that does video too
6. I need be happy with it for the next 18 months.

I don’t want an iPhone. Even though it is a groundbreaking product but I am not interested in having one – mainly due to point 2 and that I am not an Apple fan. I had my eyes on the G2 however after finding out it does not have a QWERTY keyboard, back to square 1 again. Someone at GeeknRolla mentioned that the Nokia’s N97 might be released soon and that looks like a sweet phone. Question is when it is due & how much will the plan be?

Point 3 rules out a Blackberry since they have rather expensive plans unless there is a good deal out there.

I have tried the G1 and I liked it but in general I hold some reservation of the first generation of any product.

While writing this, I am missing the reason why companies will not publish the release date of their products. Their reason is … …? It can’t be that customer should do an informed decision.

And in the mean time until I make up my mind, I am missing not having a smart phone

2 Responses to “Gadget agoney: what smart phone to get”

  1. Potch Says:

    Don’t discount the G1 right away. It is a bit buggy, but still works well. And the new 1.5 update (cupcake) should be out within the next few months and have many bug fixed along with video recording.

  2. Sofia Says:

    Andrey – I had a look at the Noika E75 and it looks pretty good. It has GPS but it says Nokia Map apps. I want use Google Maps with all their comprehensive info on there. If you find anything else that interests you, I’d appreciative if you would share. I will do the same.

    Potch – G1 is probably my backup option or possible the G2. It ticks most of the boxes and I use Google’s Products. Maybe a silly question but these updates are available if I buy a G1 soon-ish and then when the updates is published I can still get the update?