WordPress 2.7.1 and Live Writer not working well together

This is my second blog that I have started, my first one under my real name. WordPress and Live Writer used to make my blogging easy so I started where I left off. However, they are not working very well together.

Here is a screen shot of what it looks like when I am typing in Live Writer – not usable frankly:

Test Live writer

and when posting the above test, it looks like this on the blog:

Test Live Writer 2

and this is now totally unusable.

I upgraded to WordPress 2.7.1 today which didn’t go smooth. The new version is a step forward though because in the previous version of WordPress, Live Writer could not collect the settings and blog themes due XML error I believe.

For writing this post, I have drafted it in Live Writer and the copy & paste the htlm into the dashboard to see how that works. This is a short term solution. I have never like writing my blog posts directly in WP Dashboard as I find it visual impairing and in general very limiting.

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