Update: previous post

Firstly, Twitter rules! And here is a great example!

In my frustration of WP and Live Writer not working well together, I tweeted the following:

[Sofia] is not happy with WordPress 2.7.1 and/or Live Writer & ScribeFire cos they are not working a 100% together 🙁

A short while later, Brandon Turner replied back to me:

@Sofia I’m a developer on Windows Live Writer, whats the problem?

I tweeted a link to my previous post and Brandon came back with the following answers:

@Sofia First thing first, you have to upgrade xmllib2 on your server. that is what is causing the < > stripping. http://tinyurl.com/7slycb

@Sofia Now for the template problem… try doing View > Uncheck ‘Enable editing using themes’, does editing in that mode work for you?

I am so grateful & appreciative that Brandon helped me with this!!

Re the update for the server, I have to check with the guy who hosts my website to see if he is ok with the upgrade or not since it is his server. But thanks to Brandon, I now know what the solution to the problem is.

I have unchecked the theme and I can write my blog posts. It is a bit bare:

Live Writer Unthemed

and I hope there is a future fix so I can have the theme as the background when I am writing my posts.

This is happy ending to a problem that was outside my knowledge range.

You live and you learn and thanks to Twitter it is easier to learn new things.

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