The trial is scheduled to resume 24 Feb 13.00 #spectrial

The first week of The Pirate Bay trial showed us where both parties stand and it is miles apart. They can not even agree on which law should be applicable, the have or have not for the e-commerce law. This law, which as I understand it is based on EU directive, states the service provider is not liable for the information and goods transferred though its infrastructure. In short, it is like UPS cannot be held responsible if someone sends illegal drugs through their service. Another issue this merge of criminal and civil law for this trial which the defense is not happy with. One on the back ground comments from the defense lawyers when the lawyer Peter Danowsky (Ifpi) did his a la American style trial attempt with introducing new evidence during the trial was something like:

I warned the Court this would happened and I was right.

This indicates that there has been pre-trial discussion about this issue and there are a disagreement.

The upcoming week of the trial is even more important then last week. It is now the Prosecutor is going to present us the evidence through his witnesses. He has stated his case and is now going to attempt to back it up his charges.

During this critical cal part of the trial, I am moving back to London next week. This means I am going to have face this very awkward period of being without internet *shudders* I can’t promise that I can do live tweeting. Even though GMT is much better time zone to be in compared to PST to be in sync with the Trial, little good that does if I don’t have internet access. However (it is a good however) my great neighbor K has let me use her wifi before and I might be able to have some access.

But how this great group works, there is no dependence on just one person. There are a lot of great peeps on #spectrial covering this trial. I want to highlight a few but if you think I should add someone, please email me at blog {at} sofiak dot com !

matti_kolu on Twitter

Mahriman on Twitter

spectrial on twitter is great on keeping you up to day of all of the #spectrial

Here are some good blogs to keep an eye on: xthree and Don’t Panic and projO’s blog (Swedish but I think I read English translation too)

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