Swedish Courts does not work like US Courts

I am 99% sure this is the way it works. Swedish Courts have their own way of doing things.

On the last day of this Pirate Bay Trial, the Court will say thanks and good-bye for now. No judgment will be delivered in the Court room at the final day.

Instead, the Court will deliberate away from all parties and the public. The Court will publish their judgment and have paper copies ready in 3 weeks time. Tons of journalists – and bloggers I hope – will hurdle around the Courts admin office when the judgment is made public.

Just so you know and don’t have too high expectation for a grand finale of a Not Guilty verdict on the last day of the trial.

3 Responses to “Swedish Courts does not work like US Courts”

  1. William Chambers (Bios Element) Says:

    Heh, Well that figures. I never studied much into Law but it is sometimes interesting. Good to know though as I bet most people didn’t.

  2. Uncle Sam Says:

    That’s pretty much how it works in the states — after the arguments are heard, the jury (of randomly selected citizens, not professionals) deliberates until they reach a verdict. That can take hours, weeks, or months. Then comes the sentencing phase, where the judge decides the penalties, if any.

  3. Sofia Says:

    If I remember correctly, the Court has a max of 3 weeks to deliver the judgment to the public. But it has been awhile since I study this subject.