While I am waiting for the break to be over

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  1. Thronner Says:

    I have been reading all your twitters and your opinions from the blog, but interestingly, it was only when i saw this screenshot that i realized how cold the weather is there, and how the people that goes to the streets is sacrificing.
    It is the weather on sweden, that appears in firefox, right?

  2. twofisher Says:

    @thronner: i think sofia resides in the USA and is listening to the audiostream rather than being present in sweden.

    @sofia: thank you very much for your detailed translation and analysis of the happenings at court. your work is highly appreciated!

  3. Sofia Says:

    Thonner – the weather is for San Francisco, USA and much much warmer then Stockholm, Sweden 🙂 Have a look at http://twitter.com/AnnaOscarsson and her videos from outside the trial – that looks cold.

    twofisher – thanks 🙂 It is different for each ‘actor’ to capture what they are saying. One of the defense lawyer was quite difficult to tweet what he was saying. Lundstrom lawyer is the easiest for me. And as for the Prosecutor, that is a test in concentration because be goes so boring after awhile.